Bwahaha!! I actually got this thing set up right AND imported the old posts.  It did almost go in the trash though, so consider this v4.1 or something...

I don't even remember trying to set up a subdomain before, but I guess now I just have too many non-static projects going on, and I can't be expected to remember all the port numbers. Enter: subdomains.

It's really pretty simple.  Typical DNS entries just point your base domain name (e.g. at an IP address.  To configure a subdomain, including www, you just add another DNS entry with the following:

type: CNAME

name: blog - your subdomain prefix

value: @ - This is just shorthand for the IP value of your A-entry

TTL: whatever

That's it.  Whenever the TTL expires and the new entry propagates, you're good to go!

If you plan to serve up an application on a specific port, e.g. a node application on :3000, you can set up a reverse proxy with nginx to point at your fancy new subdomain, next time on DragonBearZ...

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