If posting on social media is shouting into the void, then my past blogging has been a tight-five at the Laff Factory into the void.

Aside from my short attention span, my blogs tend to die because the platform I'm using dies off (like my own static site, blogger/blogspot.com, another home brewed site but not totally static although it might as well have been)  I think I have a pretty good setup now, with Ghost, so we'll see if this one lasts longer.

The Angrifying -> Bearwave blog has been through a number of iterations:

  1. random musings
  2. turkey stuff
  3. recipes and motorcycle stuff
  4. turkey stuff
  5. a "Draw Something" gallery
  6. introspection about my sabbatical
  7. turkey stuff
  8. random musings 2


9. Turkey-themed random musings about personal projects

Get ready for some inane stories about food, autos, writing, business, tech and Turkey.

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