Just choose "disconnect" next time...

It's not a new story:

  • $70/mo 2-year ISP contract ends, price jumps to $105/mo out of contract
  • Looked online, while logged in, to renew contract... only option at the same speed is $125/mo!!!
  • Called customer service to ask, told the same thing. $125/mo
  • Looked online without logging in, find package including same-speed internet, TV and voice for $80/mo... I guess new customers are worth more than existing ones?
  • Called customer service again...

Me: bruh... c'mon...
Rep: $125/mo is all I see
Me: BRUH... seriously? The full package is cheaper
Rep: That doesn't include renting a cable box and taxes/fees so it would actually be $100/mo, which I guess is better than $105
Me: BRRUHHHHH.... let me speak to a manager
Manager: I can magically offer you $80/mo!
Me: That's more like it. Um... how can you suddenly do that?
Manager: If you don't threaten to quit, we just give you renewal offers. Since you mentioned going to a competitor (I didn't), I can look at loyalty offers to try and keep you.
Me: (..... bruh.......) Thanks.... um... so how do I skip straight to this step two years from now?
Manager: Just choose "disconnect" next time... it'll get you a loyalty rep instead of a renewal/sales rep.

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