I do a lot of stuff.  I think some of it is neat.  Follow along!!  (Try to ignore the part where I don't finish a lot of stuff)

Project List

  • OKCupid data hacking
  • Yelp reviews
  • Pet projects: apps, video editing, screenplay writing

OKCupid Data Hacking

Even if you're not doing any online dating, it's pretty neat to read the data studies that have been done.  (Actually, I just found out their data blog is alive again!! So fascinating.)

I've been thinking a lot about data analysis lately, and stumbled across a way to download OKCupid profile data and do my own analysis.  The basic gist is

  1. Find an initial 1,000 profiles based on location, distance, gender, age, and optionally ethnicity, education level
  2. Download their profile information, including general data, free-response answers (e.g. "What are you doing with your life?") and profile picture URLs.
  3. Score the profiles based on custom criteria: too few profile pictures, too few free responses, age outside of a desired range, and positive and negative keywords in free responses (such as "snap: " being major negative because it's a good sign of a scam account).

The real meat is in the positive/negative keywords, which is really interesting to dive into.  Here's the top 12.  Shouldn't be any surprises...

  1. coffee: 176
  2. wit: 166
  3. my dog: 164
  4. outdoors: 152
  5. wine: 109
  6. hiking: 91
  7. gym: 83
  8. staying in: 78
  9. netflix: 71
  10. make me laugh: 64
  11. sarcasm: 58
  12. hike: 49

I'll publish a more detailed analysis soon.

Yelp Reviews

My blogging/writing tend to be very stream-of-consciousness, which isn't very good for writing practice since there are very few rules I care to conform to in that context.  Still, I'd like to practice more writing so I don't totally waste those 16 years in school.  Yelp reviews to the rescue!  You can read all my unsolicited opinions here.

I've already been sent a private message by one of the lower reviews to whine about it.  Cheevo unlocked!

Pet Projects

Not commuting to an office means I save a lot of time, which eventually gets spent on random... wait for it... dabblings.  What can I say?  I like improving my random skills at stuffs.

Apps:  I'm building a few things as an excuse to learn Typescript, Observables/Rx.

Video editing:  It's fun.  Plus, I need to justify that GoPro I bought a few years ago. To make it exciting, I'm pretty sure I need to buy a $1,000,000+ rally car.  That or a script.  Speaking of...

Script writing:  Not actually doing this yet... I mean I tried, but even outlining a basic plot took 4 hours and ended up crappier than before I started.

Next Up

Still working on a 紅燒牛肉麵 (Taiwanese beef noodle soup) recipe, but otherwise who knows.  Photography maybe?

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