Shower thought: If I go to a co-working office, and I see the same people there, but they don't work for my company, are they "coworkers"?

I recently started at a WeWork office.  It's only been two (half-)days so far, but I've already noticed a few things.

  1. It feels more productive.  Compared to going to a coffee shop or the library, having a fixed location specifically designated as "my office space" just feels different.  Maybe it's because a coffee shop or library aren't necessarily for working, or maybe I feel like I'm just squatting a table at those places, but they're not specifically mine and I worry I'm overstaying my welcome.
  2. I'm self-conscious of being that pompous jerk at the cafe.  You know.  The one who wants everyone else to be aware that they're working and not just enjoying a coffee.  I keep to myself, and I don't even own a bluetooth earpiece to wear when I'm not on the phone, but sitting down and popping my laptop open still feels snobby for whatever reason.  The baristas certainly recognize that I'm a frequent customer by now.  I wonder if they're thinking, "that douche is back!" or if it's closer to "....who?"
  3. I'm not that special :(  There's two, soon to be three, floors of other people working whenever and wherever they feel like it.  And however many other locations too.  And some have been doing it for years.  Not only am I not that special, I'm late to the game!! ARRGH....

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